Restaurant Offers


 "4-2-6" Set Menu

Make the most of our Early Bites Menu for just £20   

Available Wed-Fri  4pm to 6pm


HUMMUS | pine nuts, crispy onions, smoked paprika oil

DOLMA | sun-dried aubergine, sour cherry, bulgur

BEETROOT FRITTERS | whipper feta, mint

SMALL SHEPHERDS SALAD | vesuvio tomato, sivri pepper, sumac



SUMMER SQUASH | green tahini, hazelnut dukkah

BABY CHICKEN | charred corn, tahini sauce, za'atar

CHARRED MACKEREL | smoked tomato, sea purslane, pul biber butter

SMALL SHEPHERDS SALAD | vesuvio tomato, sivri pepper, sumac




BACKLAVA | cinnamon syrup, walnut, clotted cream ice cream 


Brunch Favourites

Saturdays & Sundays from 11AM to 3PM

Mike_Tsang-198-1_LR (1).jpg

TAHINI PORRIDGE, pistachio, sour cherry

COCONUT PORRIDGE, orange, grapefruit, coconut chips

GRANOLA, yoghurt, dried apricot, nuts

SHAKSHUKA, poached eggs, spicy tomato sauce

SUCUK AND EGGS, baked eggs, sucuk

TURKISH EGGS, garlic yoghurt, chilli butter

61-67 Great Eastern Street
London , EC2A 3HU

Barboun. An Eastern Mediterranean restaurant and bar.

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